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Hang On Sloopy Volume 2 CD

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Item H2-13: Hang On Sloopy Volume 2 CD
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Item H2-13
The Ohio State University Marching Band performs with Dr. Jon R. Woods conducting. The Hang On Sloopy Volume II CD includes the following tracks:
  1. Hang on Sloopy
  2. New Era Fanfare
  3. Star Spangled Banner
  4. Across the Field
  5. Let's Dance
  6. That's a Plenty
  7. Sing! Sing! Sing!
  8. On Broadway
  9. As Time Goes By
  10. Over the Rainbow
  11. The Devil Went Down to Georgia
  12. Spain
  13. El Toro Loco
  14. Grateful Nation / Johnny Comes Marching Home
  15. William Tell Overture
  16. The Galop (Cancan from Orpheus)
  17. 1812 Overture
  18. Danger Zone
  19. Top Gun Anthem
  20. Mission Impossible Theme
  21. Star Trek: Next Generation Theme
  22. Theme from Batman
  23. Dr. No (James Bond Theme)
  24. March from Superman
  25. Buckeye Demo
  26. Le Regiment
  27. The Sound of the Campus Chimes
  28. Carmen Ohio Vocal

(Catalog 2013-p31)