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Hang on Sloopy The Movie, A 50th Anniversary Celebration

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Item G6-21: Hang on Sloopy The Movie, A 50th Anniversary Celebration
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Item G6-21
A classic rock music documentary, or a classic rockumentary! Hang on Sloopy: The Movie comes to DVD for the 50th anniversary of the titular song. The cover is the same poster reminiscent of the comic and character art of the era. There are recognizable figures including The McCoys, Brutus Buckeye, Woody Hayes, and some band members and cheerleaders. Front and center is a dancing girl in front of a jukebox, who may be the famous Sloopy the song is named after. Underneath the title is a subtitle saying it is the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

From the back of the case:

HANG ON SLOOPY: THE MOVIE is a documentary that tells the compelling stories about the state of Ohio's favorite rock song.

Produced in Columbus, Ohio by Dave Whinham and Brian Grady, the film explores many untold and magical stories about how a random rock song about a "Girl from a very bad part of town" became to the state of Ohio what "Sweet Home Alabama" is to the state of Alabama.

Ever since the song, made famous by The McCoys, reached

  • 1 in 1965, it has continued to grow in popularity in Ohio. From a frat house party song to a widely¬≠embraced fight song for The Ohio State Buckeyes football team (ultimately becoming The Official Rock Song of the State of Ohio), Hang On Sloopy is heard, it seems, at every athletic event, every live music venue, and every wedding throughout the state.

    Hang On Sloopy: The Movie features music, performances and interviews from a wide variety of rock and R&B stars including:

    • The McCoys

    • The Rick Derringer Band

    • The Vibrations

    • The Strangeloves

    • Ramsey Lewis

    • Terry Davidson and The Gears

    • as well as appearances by Buckeye legends Urban Meyer (head football coach of the National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes), Earle Bruce (former head coach and College Football Hall of Fame inductee), and former Buckeye Heisman Trophy winners Eddie George and Troy Smith.

      There is a faded out trumpet player in the background, and a couple shots from the movie at the bottom.

      This DVD may take a week or so to ship out.