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The Tour Stopped Here!

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Item A1-153: "The Tour Stopped Here!" Men's T-Shirt
Item A1-153
You remember all that trash talk you heard at the beginning of the 2018 football season? Somebody was talking all kinds of trash about "revenge" and "comeuppance" and "defeating the teams that beat them last year." Yeah, you remember all that trash?

We don't!

What we remember was a good team stopping a bad team to the tune of a 62 to 39 score! That's what we remember.

Just remember that, when you remember that the "Tour Stopped Here!" The quote is featured in screen-printed red lettering with a white outline. The "O" in "Stopped" is shaped like the State of Ohio, with a star in the center representing Columbus, Ohio. The scores show at the top, with a falling "W" reminding everybody of which team didn't win.

For all those 2018 trash talkers who wanted to go on tour, just remember that the buck stopped right here, in Columbus.

  • Screen printed red lettering
  • Logo covers chest
  • 100% preshrunk cotton
  • Has no design on back