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2018 Ohio State History of the Gold Pants T-Shirt

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Item A1-154: 2018 Ohio State History of the Gold Pants T-Shirt
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Item A1-154
In 1934, Buckeyes Coach Francis Schmidt was quoted as saying "They put their pants on one leg at a time just like everybody else," to explain how he was not afraid of playing against *chigan. That year, the Buckeyes won 34 to 0! This led to the awarding of gold pants pins to coaches and players who beat the Wolverines in the rivalry.

Commemorate the many times that the Ohio State Buckeyes defeated "TTUN" or "That Team Up North" in the "Gold Pants" rivalry game! This t-shirt features gold screen printing on the front, and gold, red, and white printing on the back.

The front design depicts a pair of gold football pants with "Ohio State" arched above them, and an Ohio State Arch logo below. Around the pants, lettering spells "Gold Pants, Est' d 1934, 45 Wins, 7 Straight" to commemorate the longstanding record of this rivalry under the "Gold Pants" name. At the bottom, curved text spells "Buckeyes 62 TTUN 39."

The back of the shirt has two columns listing the year (in red), and the scores of each game the Buckeyes won. The top of the back design has scarlet and gold block letters that spell "History of the Gold Pants" above a circular "Gold Pants" logo. The bottom of the back design repeats the 2018 62 to 39 score.