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Ohio State Football Helmet Emoji Mood Board

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Ohio State Football Helmet Emoji Mood Board
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How do you feel today? Take the guesswork out with this mood board. It is magnetic so it can go on the fridge or other indoor magnet safe surfaces. The top center has an Ohio State Athletic O Logo with black letters and a red Block O. The rest of the magnet is comprised of eight emojis. Each one is wearing an Ohio State Buckeyes football helmet. Each one is expressing a specific mood with its name below it. The magnet also comes with a windowed magnet to pinpoint your mood. It says "TODAY I FEEL" over some turf. A football is in the corner of the little magnet. The available moods are:
  • Hopeful, like the start of a new season.
  • Nervous, like finals are coming up or it's close to overtime.
  • Frustrated, the Buckeyes need to gain more yards.
  • Ecstatic, the Buckeyes have an unbeatable point spread this game.
  • Proud, the Buckeyes win, perfect season!
  • Embarrassed, someone spilled their drink on the grill master during touchdown celebrations.
  • Surprised, like... did That Team Up North just score?
  • Devastated, it's a rainy game day in Columbus.

The main mood board magnet is 5 3/4 inches wide and 6 1/2 inches tall.