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Wood Ohio State Ticket Sign

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Item F8-23: Wood Ohio State Ticket Sign
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Larger Image of Wooden Sign
Item F8-23
This wooden sign resembles a vintage Ohio State ticket! At the top is seat information. Below it in a separate box is an Ohio State Athletic O Logo. It is red on white, with black letters and gray border marks. The center of the ticket says "admit one" with another box below. Inside this one is a price with the number 3 taped over the invisible original dollar amount. (If only, right?) Below is "ticket price" inside a black box with red colors "1 game" is beneath that on the base color in gray letters. At the very bottom of the sign is "GO BUCKEYES". The sign has a base color of red, with many of the box cutouts being a faded vintage color. Anyone should be able to enjoy the vintage design!
  • Hangs on a hardware slider.
  • The sign measures 6 inches wide and 12 inches tall, with a depth of 3/8 of an inch.