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Questions and Answers

1.) Why has the website changed?

We want our customers to enjoy their experience at Conrads, whether they're calling or visiting our brick-and-mortar store, or whether they're arriving online. We adjusted the appearance of our site to make it easier to read on almost any browser. In fact, with the new improvements under the hood, you can visit Conrads on almost any size smartphone, tablet, or other device. To report a problem with the web site, click here.

2.) How long can I wait before checking out?

Our website will hold onto your order for up to thirty days before you need to go through Checkout, or before you add other items. If you wait 30 days, then the website will empty your cart and you'll have to redo the order. So if you're not sure you want a certain item, you've got time to change your mind about your order.

3.) What should I do if I can't put items in my cart?

You'll find out if you can't order items when you try to check out. The site might say your cart is empty even though you tried to put items in there. This problem usually happens because your browser is not set to accept cookies. A cookie is a small file that our site gives to your computer to track your order--if your browser doesn't accept cookies, then orders won't go through. Check your browser's help files to learn how to set up your browser.

4.) When is the mail order office open?

Our mail order office is open Monday to Friday, from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. (Eastern Time). This website will take orders at any time of day, any day of the week. However, we can only send out orders during regular office hours.

5.) How can I reach Conrads by phone?

Our Telephone Numbers:
Local: 614-297-0497
Toll Free: 1-888-GIFT-OSU (1-888-443-8678)

6.) Can I mail an order to Conrads?

Our catalog has a mail-in order form that you can use. When mailing an order, please double-check all your information and make sure your phone number is included. If you do not have a catalog, you can request one online by submitting your information on our contact form click here to sign up. If catalogs are out of stock, we will sign you up for our mailing list and send one as soon as they become available.

7.) How will my order arrive?

You can select your shipping option during checkout. We offer US Mail or UPS® Ground to most addresses in the contiguous United States. For more information about shipping, click here.

8.) Why isn't express shipping available on your web site?

Conrads offers express shipping, but because rates depend on how heavy your package is and how far away you are shipping it, we prefer you order over the phone. We'll estimate the cost for your shipment and contact you as soon as possible.

Express shipping is not available on direct shipped items. These items are shipped directly from the manufacturer and have a shipping delay that overrides any shipping method that you might like. The manufacturer uses his or her own shipping method to send you the item that you ordered. The manufacturer's choice of shipping methods will determine the shipping delay and shipping cost for each drop shipped item you order. Some manufacturers can offer express shipping, so if you need a direct shipped item by a certain date, please call us in advance, as soon as possible.

9.) What should I do if I made a mistake on my order?

If there's something wrong in your billing address, you might get stopped when you try to submit your payment information. If you still manage to make it through checkout and then realize there's a mistake, let us know as soon as possible.

Click Here to tell us about a mistake on your order.

Call us about a mistake on your order:
Local: 1-614-297-0497
Toll Free:1-888-443-8678

If you change the quantity or size of an item, add an item, or cancel an item, we may need you to provide your billing information to adjust the cost of the order.

10.) If I receive the wrong item, what should I do?

Please notify us as soon as possible if you get the wrong item in a shipment.

If you ordered one item but we shipped a different item, then your order is covered under our Returns Policy. For more information about returns, click here.

Typically, we will mail you a prepaid shipping label that you can use to ship your package back to us. Just remove the original label and replace it with the new one we send you.

11.) Why can I see items on your site that I cannot buy?

The web site is programmed to let you know when an item is no longer in stock. The "Add to Cart" button will be a different color, and will not let you click on it.

Not every item is "out of stock." Some furniture items, and large or heavy items that ship by freight require shipping charges that the web site is not programmed to handle. Some items are linked to special web sites where you can customize them with more options than we typically handle.

12.) How can I find catalog items in your website?

If you're looking at catalogs from 2013 or later, just use the short codes at the beginning of any item name. This also works for Buckeye Sports Bulletin ads for items from Conrads.

The short codes have letters and numbers (like "G11-97"), and they're unique. Type the code into the search blank (without quotation marks) and click "Go!"

You can also type "Catalog" (without quotation marks) in the search, but it will show you any item that's ever been in a Conrads catalog from 2013 or later.

13.) Can I order items that no longer show online?

That depends on what the item is. The web site automatically blocks you from buying items that are sold out. If you remember seeing an item, but now it is gone, please call us for availability.

If your item comes back in stock, the web site will let you order it online again.

14.) Which Marching Band CD features the Band members singing Carmen Ohio?

That CD is the Buckeye Battle Cry CD. Here's the link if you're interested in buying the Buckeye Battle Cry: Click Here to buy the CD.

15.) Which Marching Band CD features fight songs from other teams?

The CD is called Saturday Afternoon Fever.

16.) Which Marching Band CD features the Buckeye Demo?

You can get the Buckeye Demo on the Hang On Sloopy Volume 2 CD.

For those who do not know, the "Buckeye Demo" is an OSU Marching Band performance where each instrument section is introduced separately and allowed to play part of a song. Then, at the end, the whole song is played together by the entire Marching Band.

17.) What song does the Marching Band Play during Script Ohio?

When the Marching Band performs "Script Ohio," they play a song called "Le Regiment." You can find it on a couple of the Marching Band CDs at Conrads. Click Here to find CDs with that track.

18.) What is the song the Marching Band plays when they first march out onto the field?

That song is called "Ramp Entrance" or just "Ramp" for short. There are a couple of OSU Marching Band CDs that include that track. Click Here to find CDs with that track.

19.) How many Buckeye Leaf Stickers does it take to cover an entire helmet?

That depends on how much room you want to leave between the leaves. A long time ago, we had a customer order several sets of Buckeye Leaves, but we didn't know what he needed them for. Later on, we found out what he was up to. To make it easier on the rest of our customers, he told us how many stickers it took:

It takes about 80 authentic Buckeye Leaf stickers to decorate an entire regulation-sized football helmet.

When you buy the stickers, they come in sheets of ten, so you'll need about eight sheets. Before you order that many, remember both the replica and authentic helmets we offer already have 9 leaves on one side.

If you're looking for Buckeye Leaf Stickers, try our authentic vinyl stickers! Click Here to order.

20.) Why can't I find souvenirs and gifts with current OSU players?

Each OSU student athlete is under a contract that the NCAA enforces. The terms of their contract require that they never receive money for playing, and that they do not have a contract with any other agent. These rules are required for every student athlete in the entire NCAA, and violators can be penalized. The punishments include being forced to sit out or forfeit a game, or even the loss of scholarships.

Because of the rules, our manufacturers and suppliers do not produce any items with the names, numbers, photos, or likenesses of any current OSU player.

21.) Does Conrads carry Nike® products?

Conrads College Gifts offers clothing made by Nike® Golf. Click here to see Nike Golf apparel.

We currently do not have jerseys, sweatshirts, or t-shirts made by Nike.

22.) How do I pay using a gift card?

Start by going into Checkout just like you normally would. When you reach the Shipping page, you'll be able to select your shipping type, and there will be a blank for special instructions for the order.

Look for a number on the back of the gift card. It should be near a bar code.

Type that number in the blank for special instructions. If you have more than one gift card, you can use as many as you need.

You will still be required to provide payment information, in case the value of the gift card does not cover the whole order.

Depending on whatever your gift card was worth, it may cover part or all of your order. When we process and ship your order, we will refund you the appropriate amount.

You can also use your gift card when you order by mail or by phone. When you do this, Conrads will still need payment information in case your order total is greater than the value on your gift card.

23.) How do I use a coupon code on my order?

Start by going to checkout just like you normally would. The first page of checkout will show you an overview of the items in your shopping cart with an estimated total. Below that, look for the "Coupon Code" blank.

Type your coupon code into the blank and then click "Add Coupon."

If the coupon code was valid, the web site will display the coupon code below the blank, and the estimated total on your order will change. If the coupon code was not valid for any reason, the web site will show a message.

A "Remove" link is also shown with the coupon code, so that you can switch to a different one if you want.

Sorry, the web site is not able to let you use more than one coupon code. Even if the estimated total on your order changes, the extra coupon code(s) will be removed before you finish checking out.

You can also use coupon codes over the phone.

24.) What should I do if I still have questions?

If your question didn't get answered here, or if the answer made you think of a new question, please call toll-free 1-888-GIFT-OSU (1-888-443-8678) or click here to email us your question.