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Alumni Club Advantage Program

Conrads College Gifts wants you to have the advantage, the Alumni Club Advantage! You and your fellow club members can save 10% OFF all future orders and remit those savings to benefit your Alumni Club.

With the Alumni Club Advantage, you can save online, over the phone, and even in the store. Just contact us today at 1-888-443-8678 to sign up. No purchase is necessary to apply, and Conrads will never sell, rent, or share your alumni club information with any third parties.

Be prepared to give us the following information on behalf of your alumni club:

  1. Alumni Club Name
  2. Contact Name
  3. Address
  4. City
  5. State
  6. ZIP Code
  7. Phone Number
  8. E-Mail Address
  9. Web Site
  10. Number of Members
What benefit does my alumni club get from signing up?
  1. Easy savings! You will see your savings on each receipt and invoice, letting you know exactly what to remit to your Alumni Club. There's no need to call us back for information, and there's no need to wait for checks to arrive!
  2. No typing necessary! We give you a special link that allows your members to click through and save. Your members visit your web site, go to the page where you keep the link, click it, and begin shopping here. When they arrive at checkout, our site will automatically discount their order.
  3. Page Links! We'll also build a link from our site to yours, so that customers browsing our storefront can find Ohio State alumni clubs in their area. If they join your alumni club, you'll have more members who can take advantage of the program.
What will Conrads do when my alumni club signs up?
  1. Conrads will prepare FREE customized Alumni Club Advantage cards for your club members. Each card will include your alumni club's name and your alumni club's customized discount codes.
  2. Conrads will ship the cards to your Alumni Club's address, for each member to hold and use when they shop at Conrads.
  3. Conrads will only share a link to your alumni club's web site. Whatever you decide to share on your web site is entirely up to you. We will never sell, rent, or otherwise share your contact information or your member information with any third party. Alumni Club Advantage cards will not contain any personally identifying information.
What do I need to do to sign my alumni club up?
  1. You must be a qualified member of your alumni club.
  2. You must be permitted to act on behalf of the other members in your alumni club. Some alumni clubs have by-laws prohibiting their presidents, adminstrators, or other officers from engaging in certain marketing activities.
  3. Conrads College Gifts encourages you to notify your club members prior to signing up.
What happens after my alumni club signs up?
  1. The club will receive and distribute Alumni Club Advantage cards to each member at the next club meeting, or at its convenience. Conrads College Gifts prefers not to mail the cards directly, so that the club's membership list remains confidential.
  2. When a club member orders online, they can use the code from your Alumni Club Advantage card to receive a 10% discount on any order they place. Here's how to use the codes.
  3. When a club member calls to order, they should remember to tell us that they want to use their Alumni Club Advantage card. We will ask for the code from their card and apply the 10% discount to their order.
  4. When a club member visits our store, they should present their Alumni Club Advantage card to the cashier, and we will apply the 10% discount to their purchase.
  5. Club members should keep their Alumni Club Advantage cards safe. Conrads will not be responsible for lost or stolen Alumni Club Advantage cards.
Is there anything else my alumni club needs to know?
  1. Alumni Club Advantage cards do not expire. Your alumni club's code will remain the same, and will never expire.
  2. Alumni Club Advantage cards do not store points, monetary value, or any other balances. They are designed to identify your members when they claim their 10% OFF discount.
  3. There are no fees, dues, or membership charges required for the Alumni Club Advantage program.
  4. Conrads College Gifts may charge a nominal fee for shipping and handling of large quantities of Alumni Club Advantage cards, or for replacing a large number of damaged or lost Alumni Club Advantage cards.
  5. Do you have any more questions? Please contact us at 1-888-443-8678 or Click here to use our feedback form.