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Script Ohio Autograph Football

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Item J5-19: Script Ohio Autograph Football
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Autograph Panel of Large Ohio State Football
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Item J5-19
This football is a unique centerpiece for any collection! The football is divided into your standard four panels. Two panels are pigskin. One panel on the stitching is a high detail panoramic photo of the Ohio State Stadium, the Shoe. The photo is from a night game as the Ohio State Marching Band is on the field doing the Script Ohio. The panel below is white with a smooth surface for autographs. An Ohio State Athletic O Logo with a red 'O' and black letters is in the center. Above it in matte silver letters is "OHIO STADIUM," with "HOME OF THE BUCKEYES" below in the same silver. "Built - 1922" is to the left of the Athletic O in red script, with "Capacity - 104,944" in similar lettering.
  • This ball is not intended for play. It is exclusively for display and memorabilia.
  • Surfaces are glossy, and therefore are hard to grip.
  • The football is 11 inches across.