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Running Brutus Buckeyes Pop Socket

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Running Brutus Buckeyes Pop Socket
Design of the Running Brutus Pop Socket
Expanded Running Brutus Pop Socket on Phone
Flat Running Brutus Pop Socket on Phone
Side View of Expanded Pop Socket
Item D8-5
In by 'pop'ular demand!

Pop sockets are a convenient accessory for your phone or mobile device. They lay flat when not in use. It can then pop up, or expand, to serve a variety of purposes. They can be an extra grip for your fingers, a tangle free way to store headphones, a hanger, a way to keep your phone off surfaces, or as a stand for watching media. These pop sockets use high quality 3M adhesive to stay on your phone.

This pop socket is black with a red cap. The cap features &quot1870," the year Ohio State was founded, with Running Brutus in the center of the four numbers. '1870' is in white college letters with a black border. "OHIO STATE" arches over Brutus, while "BUCKEYES" curves up below. These are in solid black college style letters.


  • The pop socket is about 1 1/2 inches across.
  • The pop socket comes out about 1/2 an inch when expanded.

Pop socket should be compatible with most surfaces, but may not work with some rubberized or silicone cases. Test bond before use.