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Ohio State Logo Sketch Crew Socks

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Ohio State Logo Sketch Crew Socks
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Item D7-5
Make a statement with these red crew socks. It is covered with many Ohio State logos, The Arch, Athletic O Logo, and the Buckeye Leaf. The Arch has white letters and a black curving line. The Athletic O has white letters, a gray Block O, and black outlines. The Buckeye leaf is green on white, with a black border. All elements have a scribbled or drawn appearance. The bottom and toe box is basic black material or printing. The form fitting band keeps the socks up, and the padded sole and toe box keep you comfortable all day! Breathable construction allows for air flow and dryness.
  • Machine wash in cold water with like colors, inside out.
  • Do not bleach, but use color boosting detergent when necessary.
  • Hang to dry.