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December 23rd, 2019:

This site will be down for the rest of the year, because the store at Lane Avenue is closing its doors on December 31st, 2019.


The year that man landed safely on the Moon and safely returned to Earth was the year that Conrads College Gifts opened on 316 West Lane Avenue.  In the 50 years since, the Buckeyes went 27-21-2 against that team up north, won two national championships in football, and racked up a list of achievements.  Computer technology expanded into every facet of life.  The store expanded twice, shopping online became a thing—even shopping from your phone—and social media took the world by storm.

Throughout it all, you were there for us.  Thank you.

We loved hearing the roar of the stadium, the sound of the marching band, and the cheers of the fans.  We loved the nail-biting victories on the field, and the amazing achievements and discoveries of Ohio State students and alumni off the field.  We mourned the passing of respected figures in the family, in the Ohio State community, and in the fandom.  We welcomed generations of new faces, and made great new memories with them.

Thank you for 50 years of outstanding memories!

Thank you for 50 years as your Number One Stop Buckeye Shop!

Have a happy new year in 2020—and beyond!

Go Buckeyes!  OH! – IO!